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Image from page 169 of "Kentucky politicians. Sketches of representative Corncrackers and other miscellany" (1886)

VUU celebrates its miraculous rise – Richmond.com

Richmond.comVUU celebrates its miraculous riseRichmond.comThe philosophy of the era was that women educated to be “moral, upright and knowledgeable” would then influence the men in their lives to excel, he said. Hartshorn emphasized domestic training but also didn't want women to be “mere drawers of water,” a …and more »

Our office wall is finished! Great job by @nozzman, it's a real honor

How to get ahead at work: 10 tips from Google's head of HR

Pay unfairly, spoil your best workers, and choose a job that makes you happier… Ten ways to make your workplace the best in the world, by Laszlo Bock, head of people operations at Google How to get a job at Google – an interview with the man who hires and fires 1 Give your work meaning Work consumes at least one-third of your life, and half your waking hours. It can and ought to be more than a …


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