Live CCTV capture of bashing of Queensland tram security guard

A Gold Coast cable car guard bashed unconscious says he is disgusted his opponent stayed clear of jail time for the sickening attack.

Safety cams have actually caught the moment Mark Mason blasted Joel Broughton in an attempt to preempt a terrible strike.

However his 29-year-old assailant kicks him to the ground, the guard hitting his head on the concrete, knocked unconscious for a couple of seconds.

Broughton can be viewed standing over the guard, providing several strikes while a second protection watches on as well as does nothing.

“When I hit that concrete I was out, my head was divided wide open, I was bleeding a lot, I was unconscious and after that he laid the boots into me,” Mr Mason claimed.

Watch the video here:


His foe will not spend a day behind bars after being handed a fully-suspended 6 month prison term.

Broughton’s lawyer suggested Mr Mason began it by tackling the intoxicated and fierce wrongdoer to the ground minutes before the strike.

The court also heard there was little evidence Mr Mason was hurt, despite disclosing to 9NEWS a shiner, bloodied head and ruined jaw just days after the attack in November in 2013.

Six months on from the assault, Mr Mason claimed he is still suffering and has not been able to go back to work.

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