Security Guard a Terrorist at U.S. Embassy in Egypt – Arrested

Prototype of the Obama administration– a United States embassy hire is … a terrorist. This is hardly the very first time. Much like the “security force” the Obama administration worked with to “protect” the consulate in Benghazi. They were savage jihadists, too.

Now picture this: the Obama administration is importing hundreds of countless Muslims– “expatriates”– from this war-torn region. If this is how the treasonous administration vets security workers, what hope do Americans have that these “refugees” have been appropriately vetted? None. On the contrary …

“Security personnel at U.S. Embassy in Egypt Jailed as a Terrorist”, OODA Expert, June 11, 2015

“To the shock of U.S. authorities, authorities in Egypt have actually detained the regional worker and charged him as the purported commander of a radical Islamist company. Egyptian authorities have actually apprehended an Egyptian security personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, claiming he is a senior figure in an Islamist terrorist organization. U.S. officials are scrambling to obtain information from Egyptian authorities, who did not notify them beforehand.”.


Source: Security Guard at U.S. Embassy in Egypt Arrested as a Terrorist – The Daily Beast

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