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Corporate America strikes a liberal note on wages – Politico

PoliticoCorporate America strikes a liberal note on wagesPoliticoIn announcing last week new paid-leave requirements for contractors, Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith wrote: “Over the past year there has been increasing debate about income inequality and the challenges facing working people and families. While …and more »

"Mi Noog" – Sudden Rush (Sims 2 MV)

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Jayce and Tommy are high school sweethearts, however, their relationship is soon interrupted by Jayce's father, who greatly disapproves of it. Jayce is forced to end her relationship with Tommy and is heart broken for quite some time. Tommy, on the other hand, moves on with his life, despite his wounded heart. Years later, he meets a woman named Mary and falls in love once again. Jayce has been holding on, all of these years, waiting for the day in which they can be together again. When she hears about his marriage, she is devastated, but is finally able to move on with her life.

While in-between jobs, Jayce picks up a babysitting gig and befriends a woman and the woman's daughter, Jamie. Little does she know, Jamie's mother is Tommy's wife, Mary. One day, Mary takes Jamie to Jayce's place because she is working overtime. Tommy is scheduled to pick Jamie up later on that night, but Tommy gets of work early. When Jayce sees Tommy again, sparks fly and her heart stops. Their feelings for each other are emerged once again, but Tommy brushes it away because he is a happily married man. He then goes home to find out that Mary hasn't been working overtime at all, but has been taking up an affair with a co-worker. Tommy is furious and heartbroken and divorces Mary due to her betrayal.

After his divorce, Tommy is reminded of Jayce. Without any interference from Jayce's father, they are finally able to rekindle their young innocent love for each other. Who says you can't find happiness with an old sweetheart? Love knows no boundaries.


Microsoft activates Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online on local datacentres

Microsoft A/NZ has placed its Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online on local datacentres.…

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