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Paul P. Baard's Motivation Matters: Conspicuously motivated job applicant – The Union Leader

The Union LeaderPaul P. Baard's Motivation Matters: Conspicuously motivated job applicantThe Union LeaderWhile networking and social media enrich the opportunities to express one's interests, there is nothing as promising as discovering a job that is open right now. Here are some approaches to earning the … If you have the name of the contact person for …

Job Hunting 101: Successfully Answering Common Interview …

In conjunction with Tampa Bay Workforce Alliance, this series provides information on appropriate interview attire, interviewing dos and don'ts, resume and cover letter writing, available resources, marketing yourself, time management, veterans assistance, the Workforce Innovation Act, one-stop centers and much more.  Viewers are provided with a listing of resources at the end of each program. Funding for this production was made possible by Hillsborough County. To view episodes, click here. 
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A TBCN series that gives advice and information on how to get a job.

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Looking for Work: The Magic Valley's Hottest Jobs – Twin Falls Times-News

Twin Falls Times-NewsLooking for Work: The Magic Valley's Hottest JobsTwin Falls Times-NewsThe maker of organic snacks and drinks will have two human resources representatives attending the fair to answer questions and advise people how to apply for jobs using the company's website. The company will begin hiring bakery production positions …and more »

3 ways to revive a job search that's dragging on

If you're not having great luck in your job search and are feeling a little down about it, it's important to remember that you're not alone. In fact, the job search slump hits applicants without discrimination. The timing and the reasons may vary, but feeling discouraged and depleted is an inevitable experience But that doesn't mean there's not a solution. If you've been pumping out applications ……

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