Security Companies Hiring In NYC

Morningside Gardens (Morningside Heights Housing Corporation)

Planned Parenthood announces hiring, renovations – Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City Business JournalPlanned Parenthood announces hiring, renovationsKansas City Business JournalThe lobby at the Overland Park office is guarded by a full-time uniformed security officer, and the entryway is, more often than not, flanked by protestors who oppose the abortion services the clinic provides. "We didn't have that in New York," said …

DigitalOcean Co-Founder and CEO Ben Uretsky: Finding a Place in the Cloud Hosting Marketplace

Since its launch in 2011, DigitalOcean has grown considerably, with its Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering centered around its virtual servers or "Droplets" quickly becoming a favorite of developers. In an interview with the WHIR, DigitalOcean…

Uber's Business Model Could Change Your Work – New York Times

New York TimesUber's Business Model Could Change Your WorkNew York TimesOne criticism of Uber-like jobs is that because drivers aren't technically employees but are instead independent contractors of Uber, they don't enjoy the security and benefits of traditional jobs. The complication, here, though, is that most taxi …and more »


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