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Andy Ryan

North Korea's Abduction Project – The New Yorker

The New YorkerNorth Korea's Abduction ProjectThe New YorkerThe groom received a haircut and was outfitted with a new white shirt and a necktie; the bride wore a simple flower-patterned dress. …. A security guard vacationing at a seaside resort two hundred miles northwest of Tokyo vanished in mid-September.and more »

Uniform for security guard

Pharmacy delivery vans targeted by thieves seeking painkillers – STAT

STATPharmacy delivery vans targeted by thieves seeking painkillersSTAT“Don't do anything stupid,” the robber wearing the DEA shirt told Latham. “We want the … An industry group, which has recently focused on improving pharmacy delivery van security, reported 87 cases of robbery, theft, and what it calls suspicious ……

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