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'Because we ran out of birdshot' – San Diego Source (subscription)

'Because we ran out of birdshot'San Diego Source (subscription)An intermediate sanction is distinguished from the ultimate sanction of getting killed by a law enforcement officer as recently happened in the crime-ridden suburb of Ferguson, Mo. The Alameda deputies … That unit had an array of duties, including …and more »

Buckingham Palace Guard Breaks the Rules, Does a Little Dance (ETTopStories)

It’s easy to forget that those charming guards outside Buckingham Palace (you know, the guys dressed in red with the funny hats, who don’t flinch no matter how obnoxious tourists act) _are_ actual soldiers—fully operational soldiers tasked with protecting the Queen and following the rules. Mainly: Be alert, be disciplined, and probably don’t dance.
Well, isn’t this a cheeky little bugger?
Watch one sentry put his own little twist (literally) on the standard pacing:
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“ATTENSHUN! Will Her Majesty be amused?” Andy Richards, who uploaded this video, wrote in the description. “A Buckingham Palace guardsman misbehaves on duty while The Queen is on holiday. His senior officer might be having a chat with him later…"
Nevermind the Queen—there are other people who were definitely not amused.
“My son is a Guardsman and this lad in the video has disgraced his uniform, shame on him and I hope he gets severely reprimanded!!” one YouTuber commented. Another asked, “Could we have a date and time please? I am ex Household Division (Cavalry) and this is s bad representation of the Household Division…he is a fool.”
Maybe we are the …

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Danish Royal Life Guards in red gale uniforms – Guard shift

Male security guard 3d character…

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