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Al Jazeera journalist Greste arrives home in Australia – Peterborough Examiner

Peterborough ExaminerAl Jazeera journalist Greste arrives home in AustraliaPeterborough ExaminerThe journalists say they were doing their jobs when detained. Their imprisonment reinforced … They were detained in December 2013 and charged with helping a terrorist group by broadcasting lies that harmed national security. Baher Mohamed was given …and more »

Ontario pension should mirror CPP – Peterborough Examiner

Ontario pension should mirror CPPPeterborough ExaminerIt's almost impossible to think about retirement – let alone save for retirement – when you don't have a job, are worried about losing your job, or work two or more part-time jobs just to get by. For most low-income workers, a dignified retirement …and more »

Ex-Lib Dem peer donates to old party and Labour to boost anti-Tory drive

Lord Oakeshott says party is ‘heading for disaster’ under Nick Clegg and his £600,000 donation is ‘doing his bit to save UK from Tory government cringing to Ukip’ An unusual £600,000 donation has been handed to 30 Labour and 15 left-of-centre Liberal Democrat election candidates by a former Lib Dem peer in an attempt to create an Ed Miliband-led progressive government. The money has been …


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