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Inside Appalachia: Living with Industrial Spills, Floods and Disasters – WMKY

WMKYInside Appalachia: Living with Industrial Spills, Floods and DisastersWMKYEarlier this month in West Virginia, a CSX train derailed, causing giant fireballs to stretch hundreds of feet into the air and one home to be destroyed. Investigators are trying to figure out what happened to cause this derailment. February also marks …and more »

SYEP CompTIA Security+ Training Part 2 – Evaluating …

#Video 2: Evaluating Common Security Threats (Sec. A)

In this computer based training video course you will get an overview of common security threats such as various forms of malware, spyware, adware, botnets and logic bombs. You will also learn about security risks to hardware and peripherals. This video course is designed to be used in either a self-directed, self-study program leading to certification as a CompTIA Security+ Certified IT Professional. It is also designed to be used as a CBT component of a comprehensive career training and development program. While this video is provided free of charge for the first set of videos as an introduction, you are encouraged to visit CBTNuggets.com and purchase a subscription license for the course of your choosing.

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Stranger #24

THE WATCHDOGS: Rahm Emanuel falls short on promised police, fire disability … – Chicago Sun-Times – Breaking News (blog)

Chicago Sun-Times – Breaking News (blog)THE WATCHDOGS: Rahm Emanuel falls short on promised police, fire disability …Chicago Sun-Times – Breaking News (blog)The Emanuel administration hasn't significantly managed to reduce the number of police officers who receive disability pay by putting more of them in “limited-duty” jobs — a move top aides had said could save millions of dollars. … He is now an …and more »

Parents' Bucks – Not Marriage – Impact Kids' Well-Being

Which matters more to a child's future: living in a traditional family or financial security? The short answer: money, a new analysis concludes.


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