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The Day The Space Age Began

Does Censorship Make Us Safer? – New York Times

Does Censorship Make Us Safer?New York TimesWe spend untold billions of dollars on law enforcement agencies to find terrorists, so let us assume they will do their jobs well without going down the slope of restricting speech — a process that has never served democracy in any country. LYLE E …

High School Teacher Assaulted by Student After Confiscating Phone (lilsugar?format=xml)

A Paterson, NJ, high school freshman has been charged with assault after a YouTube video appeared showing him assaulting his physics teacher during class. According to John F. Kennedy High School teacher Khamis Aburmeilah, the student arrived late for class and was disruptive, leading the teacher to confiscate his cell phone and write him up:
> "At this point, the student allegedly sat down at the teacher's seat and refused to go back to his seat when ordered to by the teacher. He then got up, grabbed the teacher from behind and proceeded to slam the teacher onto the ground and punch him on the upper body until another student pulled him off the teacher."
A video of the incident, filmed by another student in the class, was uploaded to YouTube. It shows the entire struggle, including Aburmeilah being thrown to the ground and the assailant grabbing the phone away from the teacher; all the while, a student can be heard calling for security.
According to the school's principal, students at the school are allowed to have phones in the classroom for academic purposes, "but staff may take the devices and return them at the end …

Gamble ousted in Eagles' front-office rift

TUESDAY EVENING, Eagles security officials escorted Tom Gamble out of the NovaCare complex, as is protocol for fired employees, and the team's future got a whole lot more complicated.

Casino union protests Taj Mahal cuts outside Icahn office – The State

Casino union protests Taj Mahal cuts outside Icahn officeThe StateATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Atlantic City casino workers demonstrated outside the New York City offices of billionaire investor Carl Icahn on Thursday to protest the elimination of benefits at a casino he is poised to acquire. Local 54 of the Unite-HERE …and more »


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