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Obamacare May Hold the Key to Saving the U.S. From Ebola – Foreign Policy

Foreign PolicyObamacare May Hold the Key to Saving the U.S. From EbolaForeign PolicyUndocumented? Unauthorized? Illegal? After 250 years, we're still debating what to call America's visa-less immigrants. …. We are on a policy hamster wheel here: developing new security assistance programs, throwing money at them, failing to evaluate …

How To Fix the Secret Service (TIME)

If a corporation is performing poorly, the CEO is replaced with an outsider who can shake up the company and change the culture—the same should apply here.

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Image from page 323 of "A practical treatise on fractures and dislocations" (1871)
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Ladies Security Shirts: Averill's Sharper Uniforms


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