Societal Changes

Different Theories of Social Change : Master in Mass Communication

Christian religions struggles with societal changes – The Stylus

The StylusChristian religions struggles with societal changesThe StylusThere is a real struggle between conservatives and modern thinkers on how to remain true to scripture and its teachings while acknowledging societal change. Pope Francis is trying to find a middle ground between these two sides. The synod helped start …and more »

Legalization Crosses The Border (Andrew Sullivan)

Christopher Ingraham maintains that "the news coming out of Colorado and Washington is overwhelmingly positive." And that other nations are paying attention: Countries, particularly in Latin America, are starting to apply these lessons in order to craft smarter policies that reduce violence and other societal harms brought about by the drug war. Uruguay, for instance, […]

Mood Changes and MS: Managing Anxiety – National MS Society

MS Learn Online is the National MS Society's online educational webcast series. This video features a discussion on managing anxiety for people with multiple sclerosis.

Poetry of Social Change: Guest post from Susan Rich | Elizabeth Austen

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