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Maritime Security Course in Israel October 2012

On Facebook, you can die twice: Jarvis DeBerry – NOLA.com

NOLA.comOn Facebook, you can die twice: Jarvis DeBerryNOLA.comSusan Rice, the United States National Security Advisor, may have been the most high profile person to express her sorrow at the repeat of the news that Achebe had died. "Despite the promise of the future, today is a somber day in Nigeria, as Chinua …

Maritime Security Course in Israel October 2012

Sheriff: Airport attacker had machete, Molotov cocktails (Salt Lake Tribune)

Kenner, La. • A machete-wielding attacker who died hours after being shot by a sheriff’s deputy who stopped his rampage at New Orleans’ international airport had a bag loaded with Molotov cocktails, authorities say. Richard White, 63, had been shot Friday night as he chased an unarmed Transportation Security Administration agent through a concourse full of frightened travelers — and in the direction of a sheriff’s deputy, who drew her gun and fired three times. White died Saturday afternoon. She… <img src="http://mngislctrib.112.2O7.net/b/ss/mngislctrib/1/H.17– NS/0?&pageName=RSS" height="1" width="1" border="0" alt=""/>

Man shot during New Orleans airport attack dies

Richard White (63) chased unarmed TSA agent with machete on Friday.


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