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Luna Innovations expanding Blacksburg office – Roanoke Times

Roanoke TimesLuna Innovations expanding Blacksburg officeRoanoke TimesWhen Chung came on board in 2011, the Roanoke-based firm had scientists going after federal research grants in about a dozen different fields, ranging from cyber security to military uniforms that don't get dirty. Chung has since changed the focus of …

Pentagon, DHS Award Grants to Police Without Considering if Agencies Have Record of Violating Rights (Firedoglake)

A United States Senate committee held a hearing in the aftermath of what happened with militarized policing in Ferguson, Missouri, in order to examine federal grant programs for state and local law enforcement. At the hearing, two of the heads of three major grant programs admitted they do not examine whether a law enforcement organization is under investigation for depriving citizens of their constitutional rights before awarding grants, which may include military-grade equipment. The Pentagon has a 1033 program, which gives away surplus military equipment to state and local law enforcement for free.

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