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Baby It's Cold Outside, and Here's Why – Discover Magazine (blog)

Baby It's Cold Outside, and Here's WhyDiscover Magazine (blog)And that big south- and west-dipping bulge? Well, that's allowing deep Arctic chill to penetrate all the way south and west across the West. The center of the, ahem, polar vortex has taken up residence over Hudson Bay, according to Weather Underground …

Tahj Blow ’16 forced to ground at gunpoint by YPD

Amid a national conversation about race and policing, a series of Twitter messages posted Saturday have thrust Yale into the spotlight.

Japan Concludes Exascale Feasibility Study – HPCwire

Japan Concludes Exascale Feasibility StudyHPCwire+ The team comprised of Tohoku University, NEC and JAMSTEC are investigating the feasibility of a multi-vector core architecture with a high-memory bandwidth. … The recently-published overview paper offers clarified design specifications to support …


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