Wackenhut Security Guard

BR579 EWR to RSW

Entergy ordered to pay $305000 in overtime – vtdigger.org

Entergy ordered to pay $305000 in overtimevtdigger.orgIn 2009, Entergy dropped its contract with the Florida-based security services company, Wackenhut Corp., now G4S Secure Solutions. Entergy paid the in-house guards a fixed salary without overtime. In June 2012, the guards filed a lawsuit against …and more »

BR582 EWR to RSW

Victim Of Peeping Tom Security Guard Awarded $1.3 Million – CBS Local

Victim Of Peeping Tom Security Guard Awarded $1.3 MillionCBS LocalWackenhut, now known as G4S, was ordered to pay the fine after a three-week trial. The guard, Eric Michael Owens, had been arrested for similar type of behavior before and Wackenhut hired him anyway and put him on patrol in a residential area. During …and more »

Police hopeful crisis training helping to make a difference

Almost a year since a young woman with schizophrenia lost her life after being shot by a deputy in Half Moon Bay, law enforcement arrived to the same housing complex last weekend on a strikingly similar call.


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