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Family of man fatally shot by security sues Pilot, Wackenhut for $120M – Nashville City Paper

Family of man fatally shot by security sues Pilot, Wackenhut for $120MNashville City PaperThe family of a man shot and killed by a security guard at a Pilot truck stop filed a $120 million suit against Pilot and a security company on Wednesday. The lawsuit claims that security guard Robert Mangrum shot Clarksville resident Timothy Alumbaugh …and more »

"Deviant hazing" at U.S. Embassy in Kabul

US tax dollars at work: Vodka enemas, US Embassy guards pissing on US Embassy guards in drunken orgies.

These allegations, and many more, are contained in a letter sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday by the Project on Government Oversight, which has been investigating the embassy security contract held by ArmorGroup North America (a subsidiary of Wackenhut, which is in turn owned by the security behemoth G4S).

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G4S Wackenhut Security on Motorcycle

Joseph Rombi, 87 – SILive.com

SILive.comJoseph Rombi, 87SILive.comHe worked briefly as a private investigator for Wackenhut Company in the mid-1960s before becoming deputy chief executive of security for the American Broadcasting Company, both in Manhattan. He retired in 1989. He was a longtime and loyal New York …

Reasons for job optimism seen at fair

While the pace of hiring slowed down nationally in March, Sarasota's economy seems to have turned a corner.

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