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The New Royals – National Review Online (blog)

National Review Online (blog)The New RoyalsNational Review Online (blog)In days so ancient that it apparently has not found its way onto the Internet, there was a magazine ad for a sports car — I cannot remember which marque — consisting of a photo of a beautiful piece of automotive architecture over the caption: “Don't …

Giant Turkey Creatures ...item 2.. Specialized coupon distribution promotes healthy eating (Thursday, 09.06.12) ...item 3.. BiZz-R-O Cinema: "Get Ready to Get Weird" With WTF Films and $3 Beers (Thu., Mar. 28 2013) ...

Apple touts jobs created in the U.S.

(Bloomberg) — Apple Inc., which has faced criticism for manufacturing its computing devices overseas instead of in the U.S., is putting a number to the jobs it has created or supported at home: 1.03 million.

Lean In: Sharon Poczter, assistant professor – MyrtleBeachOnline.com

Lean In: Sharon Poczter, assistant professorMyrtleBeachOnline.comYou knew work was important, and so was family. You knew to always keep your foot on the pedal, at work and at home. Somehow you knew. And today, you are an executive at one of the largest hospital networks in New York, one of the only women at this …and more »


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